Cream Cheese Penguins

Package of cream cheese, softened
Large pitted black olives
Small pitted black olives
Jar of large pimentos or sliced red peppers
Large whole carrot
Small paring knife (HAVE AN ADULT USE THIS)
Fancy, frilly party toothpicks

1. Make Body: Take large olive, make a slit in it long-ways, spoon cream cheese into the opening so it looks like the "white tuxedo front"

2. Make Feet and Beak: Cut thin "disks" of carrot, then cut a small wedge out of the disk. The cut disk becomes the base/the feet and the little wedge will become the beak.

3. Make Head: Make a small slit in the middle of the small olive, and stick the little carrot wedge in to make the beak.

4. Stick it all together with little dabs of cream cheese:
Disk is the base/the feet;
Big Olive on top of that as the body;
Little Olive on top of that as the head.

5. TO MAKE IT FANCIER, put a sliced red pepper or large pimento between the head and the body like a "red neck scarf" and a little red pimento on top of the penguin's head like a winter cap.

6. Put a fancy toothpick straight down through it ALL to hold everything together, and serve the "Penguins" on a plate. Tell everyone "DON'T BITE INTO THE TOOTHPICK!"