Sounds Around Lyrics

Bloop and blerp and eep and urp,
I love the sounds that are like a burp.
Glop and goop and gunk and goo,
Are my sticky words that sound like glue.

Hmm and humm, buzz and bizz,
I see a bee flying like a whiz.
Foof and poof, and woff and poff,
I think a feather pillow's soft!

Zing! Ka-ping! Ga-boing and twang!
A wire snaps with a bing and bang!
Harumph, cough cough, and then ACHOO,
Is how I sneeze - that's what I do!

Snargle, tangle, clumpy lumps
I think of heaps with knots and bumps.
Brinnng, ding ding, a ching and bong,
To me sound like a bell's own song.

Thwump, kaplump, whap-whap and splat
Is a sad, old tire that's going flat.
Tip-tap, tip-tap, add in a tink,
Doggie toes on tile, I think!

And then there's ooh, and ahh, and ohh,
When things are smooth and silky so.
There's whoosh and swoosh and even zoom,
When wind goes whipping through a room.

Waa, boo hoo, sniff, snuffle too,
Is a crying spell for me or you?
Ska-week, ska-week, skritch, skritchy scruff,
Might be a mouse wearing itchy stuff!

Pip, pop, Plip, plop, sploosh and a whisssh,
A drippy sink or slippery fish!
Hey! Hoo! Yippee! Whee, whoopee, hiii !
I guess it's time to say Bye Bye!
Bye Bye!